We love model homes, so when we first got wind of Japanese artist Takanori Aiba’s “Bonsai Buildings”, we squealed with delight.

The miniature buildings, constructed using materials like clay, wood, plastic, resin and steel, are both fantastical and wonderfully detailed.

In an article from Fast Co Design, Aiba says that “All my creation comes from my early experience of bonsai making, World of Walt Disney, and maze illustration.” He goes on to note that, “I always got inspiration coming from imagining if I could be a Lilliput. … Maybe such small objects could be transformed to become huge, at the scale of buildings, castles, and the world itself.”

While Aiba’s vision guides the creation of these tiny homes, it was a collaboration with model-maker Kazuya Murakami which helped bring these ideas to life. Speaking of Marakami’s work, Aiba says, “”He is a realist sharing dreams with me.”

Our dream? Making one of these tiny homes into a real life “tree house”.

Check out the images of this whimsical models below:


Best tree house ever? We think so!

We’d love to see this fantastical model turned into a real home.

We’d pay good money to own this model home.

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