How would you feel about living in a 320 square foot space with three other people?

Hari, Karl, and their two children were hit hard when their award-winning restaurant in Florida was forced to close due to a sour economy. Knowing they needed to tighten up, they bought some land in Blue Ridge Mountains and built a new mini home for just $12,000. How did they do it?

For one, the house is only 320 square feet, so there isn’t a lot of “luxury” space. In an article on Inhabitat, Hari describes the home saying, “Our tiny home is 8’ x 21’ with a full loft. The loft has 3’ of head space. We  built two separate lofts for a bit of privacy. There are areas of the house  dedicated to office, living, dining, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom  and wardrobe.”

The other way the family kept costs down was by salvaging and using Craigslist to purchase other required materials for the home.

While living quarters might be tight, the family says that having no mortgage allows them to save for the future.

Check out the cool images of this tiny home below:

Can you imagine living in a 320 square foot house with three other people?

This tiny house’s living room is surprisingly spacious.


With a cook in the family, the tiny house prioritizes kitchen space.

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