Welcome to the inaugural edition of Dig to Done at The Station. Every month from now until the development is complete, we’ll be donning our hardhats and steel toed boots and traveling up to the  job site at Wilson and Allen Road.

In this first installment, we get a comprehensive site tour with Brandy Lane Homes‘ David Hirsh and James Chan. It was a busy day during our visit to The Station as the crew worked toward fully excavating the site. Work has been moving along smoothly and, apart from a stubborn hydro pole that’s causing some minor issues, there have been very few hiccups in progress. David and James expect to be way down in the ground by the end of September.

Now, it’s time to go behind the hoarding and check out some photos of the site!

The piledriver. Yes it looks as cool as it sounds, but you certainly wouldn’t want to get in its way. At The Station site, it’s drilling 30 feet into the ground.


You wouldn’t know from the look of it, but this machine is actually a drill. As you can see it takes two people to operate.


David and James get some planning done during our tour. These guys never stop working!


On the east and north sides of the site the crew has to use shoring — supports that prevent collapse — because of the close proximity to the road. On the west and the south side, the crew is trying to do as much open cutting as possible.


We forgot our earplugs so we couldn’t be near the drill for too long.

Tune in for part two of The Station‘s Dig to Done series in early November. As the title of the series suggests, we’re in it for the long haul so stay with us to learn all about The Station and the incredibly interesting construction process behind this fantastic development.

For more info call the sales centre at 416 398 9777, email or visit the development’s website.

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