The future is definitely friendly for Calgary’s transit system.

At a city council meeting, Calgary Transit presented its plan for the future of the city’s transit. Titled “Route Ahead”, the plan is expected to take 30 years and will cost an estimated $9 billion. However, the results could be worth the effort. The new plan aims to connect residents to their homes, workplaces, and major city destinations via a variety of LRT lines.

Sounds great, but there may be a major obstacle.

According to an article in the Calgary Herald, the city has yet to secure funding for the project. Calgary’s mayor, Naneed Nenshi doesn’t appear overly concerned about the lack of currently secured funding. He praised the plan calling it “a much more coherent way to fun transit in the city than what’s been done in the past”.

“This is a lot of money. When we add everything up, it’s almost $9 billion over 30 years. When you think about how much money the government of Ontario, the federal and municipal governments in Toronto are spending on transit, these are not crazy numbers. But it’s important to have these numbers in hand so that we can make the case to other orders of government: Look, over 30 years, this is what you have to fund,” notes Nenshi.

City council will review the plans at next Monday’s meeting and a final report will be presented in December.

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