According to the latest Statistics Canada census figures, more Canadians are living alone. One-person households now make up 27.6 per cent of all homes. According to an article in The Vancouver Province, this is a “three-fold increase since 1961.”

While the number of Canadians living alone went up across the country, single person households are particularly high in Vancouver and Montreal. In Vancouver, 38 per cent of residents live in one-person households. In Montreal, 40.7 per cent of residents live in one-person households. This is nearly equal to the 41.1 per cent of residents who live in couple-family households.

According to an article in Montreal Gazette, the increase in single person residences in Montreal is the result of several factors. “The reasons are myriad: an aging population that lives longer and leads to more widows and widowers; the high number of students in a university town; young families moving to cheaper homes in the suburbs; low immigration numbers,” notes the article.

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