A family in Calgary is bringing a whole new meaning to the term “downsizing”. According to an article on the CBC, Kirsten Shaw and Michael Hunt are trading in their 2,200 square foot home for a 300 square foot micro-house.

The plan is to drive through the United States for a year and eventually settle the tiny home on lot on Vancouver Island. According to the CBC, “The wooden structure is being built on a five-ton flatbed truck and will tow a utility trailer behind with a kitchen and a sleeping area.”

Hunt says that there will be a sleeping loft above the cabin and two sleeping bunks with seat belts. There will also be moments where the tiny home will house up to six people.

Sound cramped? Shaw believes the move will reduce stress. “I think I’ll manage better than I am right now in 2,200 square feet because quite honestly I am not a homemaker. It stresses me out that I have all that dusting and everything to look after.”

With only 300 square feet of space, we think it’s safe to say Shaw will have a lot less dusting to do.

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