How would you feel about living in a bedroom without a window?

According to an article on the CBC, a Calgary alderman doesn’t feel very good about it. Ald. Gord Lowe wants Calgary city council to review a proposed condo building that won’t have windows in some bedrooms.

While the windowless rooms are allowed under the building code, Lowe articulately expresses his concerns by saying, “I think there’s a philosophical discussion around this.You know, do we want to provide attractive, safe, convenient and comfortable accommodation for people or do we want to warehouse people?”

However, it seems Lowe is unlikely to win this battle.  City spokeswoman, Jennifer Green has said, “We do not believe that the city can create a bylaw that essentially contradicts the [Alberta Building Code]. Even if we did the owner would still have the ability to apply to the courts to obtain an order to get the permit.”

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