Married to the job? This 40-module pod by U.K. and Germany-based Nilsson Pflugfelder lets you eat, sleep, work and otherwise live right at the office. The impressively named Verbandkammer has 11 different types of frames that can be rearranged to create conference rooms, seating, storage and desks for the avant-garde worker bee.

The shape-shifting container was commissioned for FLACC Workplace for Visual Artists in Genk, Belgium. The Verbandkammer is meant to be an open system that can be altered or “hacked” by future artists in residence at FLACC, as well as the institution itself.

The Nilsson Pflugfelder site grandly states that the black pod, inspired by the geological formation of coal, “collapses cultural production, workplace, residency, archive, administration and discursive spaces into one coherent, dense installation.”

More photographs below from Nilsson Pflugfelder:


There’s also mention of “generating a productive friction” (does HR know about this?) and the Verbandkammer as “a form of institutional memory.” Institutional memory — wait, something’s coming to us now… visions of a 1990s cult hit featuring a team that must “hack” shifting modular forms.

Ah, we got it! Cube!

Well, then. Any takers?



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