According to a report on News 1130, Vancouver’s second oldest home may be facing demolition.

Henderson home, located at 502 Alexander Street in Strathcona, was built by an Irish settler in 1888. Over 100 years old, the house’s future is in jeopardy as a result of a permit application. If the permit is approved, the home will be torn down.

Historians and heritage home lovers around Vancouver are furious about the permit application. They claim that while the house isn’t in great shape, it could be restored.

According to an article in Van City Buzz, supporters want “the house be moved to a nearby lot and then fully restored. However, because the house lies outside the heritage districts of Gastown and Chinatown, the city claims limited financial tools are available at their disposal.”

Currently, the house is owned by the Atira Women’s Resource Society, and the Heritage Vancouver Society has posted a bulletin on their website in an attempt to spread information and awareness.

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