On Monday, Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vancouver city council voted unanimously to implement a revitalization strategy for Vancouver’s Chinatown.

As Vancouverites know, the revitalization is long overdue. The revitalization strategy is a three year plan that includes items like tenant recruitment, restoration of heritage buildings, and cleaning up public space.

While there are several components to the revitalization strategy, there are three main goals: improve retail through diversification, protect cultural and heritage assets, and increase the appeal of public spaces in the area.

Other area of emphasis include increasing seniors housing and setting up temporary street events to revitalize laneways.

Already, businesses are developers are investing in the area and several mid-rise developments, such as The Flats, are slated for the fall.

Here is a list of the 11 “vision directions” for the Chinatown revitalization strategy:

1. Heritage Building Preservation

2. Commemoration of Chinese-Canadian and Chinatown History

3. Public Realm Improvements

4. Convenient Transportation and Pedestrian Comfort

5. A Sense of Security

6. Linkage to the Nearby Neighbourhoods and Downtown

7. Youth Connection and Community Development

8. Attractions for Vancouverites and Tourists

9. A Community with a Residential and Commercial Mixture

10. Diversified Retail Goods and Services

11. A Hub of Social and Cultural Activities

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