With the recent proposal for micro-lofts in New York, it seems like tiny living spaces might be the newest real estate trend. Not to be left behind, Vancouver now features its own micro-lofts.

According to an article on CTV News, the once-condemned Burns Block building on West Hastings, has been turned into a building with the smallest rental units in the country. Ranging from 226 to 291 sq. feet, the units are furnished with a Murphy bed, flat-screen TV with free cable, built-in-tables, and small galley-style washroom.

And, if tenants need a little space, there’s a basement gym, bike storage, and a 1,000 sq.ft. rooftop deck, complete with garden.

The units rent from $800 a month.

While some might feel cramped in such small quarters, many of the tenants claim it is a logical solution. Developer Jon Stovell of Reliance Properties notes that with the lofts, “the  city is your living room. The city is your dining room. You don’t need to use  your own resources to recreate all that when you can just step out your door and  enjoy a park, a beach, a restaurant, a café.”

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