It’s always neat to see a construction site start to take shape. So, we’re super excited to share pictures from G3 Residences by G3 Developments and Strategic Development and Construction Group.

Over the last few weeks, trees have been cut down at the G3 Residences construction site to prepare for future work. But, don’t worry! The trees are being put to good use. They’ve been sent to a lumber mill in Mission where they will be cut into usable lumber. The lumber will then be re-purposed for architectural details in the G3 Residences units.

Check out the cool pictures below:

The cut trees from the G3 residences site.

The G3 Residences construction site.

The cut down trees will be turned into lumber and used for the G3 Residences units.

For more information email, call 604-588-8238 or visit their website

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