At first we thought Tourner autor du Ried was a bit too “corny” for us.

But when we took a closer look at this unique housing prototype by St. Andre-Lang Architects, we couldn’t help but be won over.

According to Arch Daily, the project won the Archi<20 competition and was built with a budget of 7000 euros. The prototype is 20 square meters and the corn facade was inspired by corn dryers in the Alscase plains. Metal mesh surrounding the circular home allows for corn cob storage. As the seasons change, so does the corn facade, effectively blurring an immediate reading of the object and almost erasing the pavilion from intruding on its surroundings.

Functional and creative design? Well, that’s not corny at all.

Check out some of the cool pics below courtesy of St. Andre-Lang Architectes:

A close look at the corn and mesh exterior


The corn facade helps this home blend into its surroundings


Inside the prototype, the home is surprisingly cozy


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