The Sears building at Granville and Robson is one of Vancouver’s least liked buildings. But, the Sears “marshmallow” might be about to get a makeover.

According to an article written by Yvonne Robertson on Open File, public pressure for change is mounting. In the article, Robertson notes that Nordstrom Inc. may be moving into the building in the Fall. Though the report hasn’t been confirmed, the rumours that the building may be vacant has opened a flood gate of public input about what people want to see happen with the building.

In the article, former city director of planning Brent Toderian said, “It’s outright hostile to the walker. The building is a nod to car culture and big monolithic sterile architecture. It’s as big and lumpy as it could possibly be and it was designed for easy car access in a way that’s hostile to walkers.”

Toderian went on to argue that redesigning the building creates economic opportunity, “Experience is part of the shopping process. When they have choice, [people] don’t want to shop in an ugly building and an un-urban building. I would hope there’d be a strong civic interest in doing this, but even if there isn’t, there should be a strong economic interest in this.”

While it’s unclear whether public opinion will have any impact on what happens with the Sears building, it seems fair to say that Vancouverties would like to see change.

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