tao condos event It’s a midsummer afternoon at the condo sales centre. Why not have a barbecue for all your awesome purchasers?

That’s what the folks at SigNature CommunitiesTAO Condos must have been thinking when they threw a summer-themed celebration last week at their sales centre in Richmond Hill.

“We wanted to thank all those purchasers who have joined the SigNature family and give them the opportunity to get to know their new neighbours before moving in,” Sebastian Mizzi, Vice President of SigNature Communities, said in a press release.

Good thinking Mr. Mizzi! The event was also used to launch a special program for existing purchasers. Dubbed the “Friends of TAO Referral Program”, it’s designed to benefit existing purchasers and their friends. Purchasers will receive a $1,000 bonus for referring a friend while their friend receives $1,000 for purchasing at TAO. To top it all off, a limited time offer of a $5,000 bonus has been extended to friends of TAO purchasers.

Check out some photos from the events below:

tao condos

TAO Condos purchasers Natalia and Andrew Marino.

tao condos

From left to right: John and Clare D’Onofrio and Louise and Santo Mizzi.

tao condos

TAO purchasers Bin Jiang and Zhenquo Xu.

tao condos

TAO purchasers Curtis and Bev Ennis. The TAO crew certainly didn’t skimp on the burgers!

tao condos

From left to right: Giulio Di Battista, Giovanni Di Battista, Marco Di Battista, Sebastian Mizzi, (Vice President, SigNature Communities), Anthony Di Battista, (President, SigNature Communities).

For more info call 905 597 2535 or visit the website here.

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