Paul Ng with Stateview Homes brothers Dino and Carlo Taurasi in front of a completed house in Phase 1.

Okay, so it’s not such a secret but Feng Shui can be traced back to around 4000 BC and Stateview Homes sees the value in that. Yesterday we took a stroll up to Long Hill Estates in Richmond Hill where we had the pleasure of learning about Feng Shui from master Geomancer Paul Ng while touring (and snapping photos of) one of Stateview’s completed homes in phase 1.

“Geomancy is the harmonization between mankind and its surroundings. So when you design a house for people to live in, you want to make sure their relationships, health, and financial prosperity are in harmony. This is Feng Shui,” said Paul as we walk through the foyer. The first thing he turned our attention to was the very wide main hallway that leads all the way to the back of the house, allowing for the free flow of Qi. This is energy force that plays a large role in Feng Shui. Since one of the goals of Feng Shui is to allow for the proper flow of energy, all the corners on all the walls, bulkheads and pillars are rounded, as corners are said to hinder the flow.

For those of you who are Feng Shui skeptics, there is good news! The results of a Feng Shui-optimized house also happen to be highly coveted features for any house. Large rooms and corridors, big windows and very well lit rooms, absence of sharp corners, high ceilings, laundry rooms on the 2nd floor (no carrying loads up and down stairs), and more. We walked about with Paul and took some photos to give you a better idea of what phase 2 will feature and how it will look.

The long, wide hallway that opens up into a massive kitchen and family room area. Notice the curved bay doors in the back that, according to Paul, are like a mothers embrace for positive Qi.

Standing at the entrance of the kitchen with the family room directly to the right, Paul explains that the granite countertops and floors are easy to clean and very hard (as opposed to softer materials). This is beneficial as dirt is associated with negative Qi and accumulates more easily on softer, more porous materials.

Paul standing next to a pillar that exemplifies the rounded corners we were talking about.

The front living room really captures the light.

Curves are kind of a Feng Shui thing.

Family room

The family room off the kitchen has a tonne of well-lit space. 9’2” ceilings throughout the houses.

View of the kitchen from the family room

The master bedroom has a similar layout to the kitchen and, according to Paul, is in the romance centre of the house.

The finished basement keeps with the theme of the rest of the house as it is very spacious, well-lit, and has those high 9’2” ceilings.

The site for Long Hill estates. Scheduled to begin demolotion on august 27th.

One of the renderings and floor plans for a house in phase 2. These plans are Feng Shui certified by Paul Ng and the results is a stunning house…with great Qi.

For more information on Long Hill Estates please contact the sales centre by phone at 905 760 1845 or email

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