Carlo Taurasi (left) with part of the Stateview Homes team

Yesterday we got to tag along on a very enlightening tour of Toronto’s SickKids Hospital thanks to Stateview Homes. The family-run builder of elite homes has a big heart and made their first donation of $10,000 to the hospital following the tour.

This is the first donation of many. Over the next three years Stateview Homes will donate an additional $175,000 and possibly more.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time,” said Carlo Taurasi, CEO, during the tour. “I told my brother that if we ever become successful we have to do this.”

Stateview Homes was founded in 2004 by Carlo and Dino Taurasi. The two brothers had a passion for home-building that they used to forge into a refreshing young company with an attention to detail that has brought them much success. Now they feel it’s time to give back.

“I’ve always known I would donate to SickKids. This is where I brought my son when he needed to be treated for a serious throat infection” said Carlo.

The hospital is always on the hunt to fund its regional and international initiatives. While medical operational costs are covered by the government, any additional programs are privately funded. There is a fully functional school for long term patients, a day care program for siblings of sick kids, and an extensive library where celebrities occasionally perform readings that are broadcasted to patient rooms. The hospital also features play areas on every floor.

“Going forward, I like the idea that a part of every home we build will go toward funding these programs,” explained Carlo, speaking about Stateview‘s future donations.

Check out Stateview Homes new Richmond Hill housing development Long Hill Estates.

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