From two new schools in the area to the $750 million re-development of the Royal Columbia Hospital, people are investing in New Westminster.

The money being put into the city is a testament to New West’s changing identity. A historically significant area which had begun to fall into slight disrepair, New West is currently on the brink of a complete resurgence.

Perhaps, the best evidence of this is the growth taking place in multiple sectors. From the opening of the Landmark Theatre to the new civic centre, to Westminster Pier Park, it seems like every corner of the city is being revitalized.

And, chances are the energy and money are going to pay off in both the short and long term. With high housing prices in Vancouver, New West is already showing signs of becoming an emerging market where appreciation is ready to take off.

All this potential gives home buyers extra incentive to look into developments like Trapp and Holbrook by The Salient Group. Not only can residents take advantage of an emerging community, but New West is still within arm’s reach of Vancouver, allowing residents to zip to downtown Vancouver in 26 minutes via SkyTrain.

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