In the future, “dream home” could take on a whole new meaning.

MONOHEDRON is a is a prefab house that is mobile and adaptable to almost any environment or climate. Designed by Andrej Cverha, a product designer who values user-interaction, the idea for MONOHEDRON is to move away from the predictability and comfort of brick, concrete and wood homes. The design offers the option of adding floors and layers to suit each owner’s specific needs.

For example, one could adapt a MONOHEDRON home to protect its inhabitants from a scorching desert climate or it could be transformed to shield its residents from a cold, dark, climate.

The idea is super cool, but as Inhabitat notes, “The innovation behind the shape and adaptability of the prefab home is striking, [but] the actual details of how these homes would work in real-life settings remains a mystery.”

Check out some of the cool conceptual art below:

This home has been transformed to suit the needs of a warm climate

This home would be perfect for a truly tropical climate

One of the conceptual drawings for Monohedron

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