Ever wanted your own customizable cube?

Well, today is your lucky day! Designed by Michael Jantzen, M-velopes are transformable structures and “functional art designs”. Moulded to each buyer’s needs, every M-velope is different and the shapes range from simple cubes to complex, house-like shelters.

While the M-velopes aren’t necessarily designed to be homes, they could certainly be an interesting addition to a house. Need extra office space? With an M-velope you could put one in your back yard.

According to Inhabitat, the structures have a relatively low ecological footprint and they don’t require foundation or a building permit.

Check out some of the M-velopes super cool forms:

This is what an M-velope looks like in its “cube” shape.

This M-velope is a wee bit more complex than the cube above.

The view from inside an M-velope.

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