indx ice cream If you feel the like beating the heat this August, the folks at INDX have a large supply of frozen treats waiting for you through their sales centre doors.

It’s all part of the “Heat INDX” promotion that sees them giving away free ice cream bars to anyone who visits the sales centre on a day that the temperature rises to above 25 degrees.

The Lifetime and CentreCourt development’s sales centre is located in the heart of the Financial District at 70 Temperance Street — one of the hottest ‘hoods in the city. And we’re not just talking temperature… The Financial District is a hotbed of activity as young professionals are recognizing the value of working, playing and sleeping in the downtown core.

So when those young professionals need to cool off on a hot day, they know to swing by the INDX sales centre for a frozen treat. The promo kicked off on August 1 and runs until August 31. Heat INDX announcements are made through CentreCourt’s Twitter and Facebook, Lifetime’s Twitter and Facebook. When you feel the mercury rising, give their Twitter a quick check and head on over for a delicious ice cream bar.

We’ve got a few photos from the sales centre below. Take them as proof that INDX is well stocked with ice cream.

Who better to supply INDX with ice cream than Haagen-Dazs, some of the best around…

Ice Cream Bars 2

Well stocked might even be an understatement.

Staff Ice Cream 2

We promise she didn’t have the ice cream bar out of the freezer for too long. Everyone knows melted ice cream just can’t be re-frozen.

Prices at INDX start from the mid $200,000s. Click here to visit the official site or call 416 987 4639 for more info.

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