Think highrises are only for Vancouver’s downtown core? Think again.

According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, developers in B.C. are proposing highrise towers along transit corridors in Burnaby and Surrey.

Currently, Burnaby council is considering a proposal for a master plan by Shape Properties to redevelop Brentwood Town Centre. The plan would include two residential towers with 45 to 70 storeys in the next five years. Over the next 20 to 30 years, the plan would include as many as nine more towers ranging from 20 to 55 storeys.

From Appia Group of CompaniesSolo District in Burnaby to Century Group’s 3 Civic Plaza in Surrey, highrise developments at various stages of development are popping up across Metro Vancouver.

When asked about the highrises, city councillor Barinder Rasode said “We can’t fight the fact that 1,200 people a month move to Surrey and we are also  going to have, in the next 10 years, an increase in the number of seniors by 179  per cent.”

Sounds like suburban residents should expect more tall towers to fill their skylines in the near future.

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