For the fashion focused, one of the best parts of the television show Sex and the City was the clothes, but for real estate and development enthusiasts it was the apartments.

That’s why we squealed when we found an article on Short List featuring the the “floorplans” for four TV shows.

Brilliantly drawn by artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde, the super cool sketches bring the fictional television spaces to life. From Friends to The Big Bang Theory, each floor plan is detailed and intricate.

Check them out below:

The Friends crew in Monica’s apartment

Ever imagined walking through Chandler and Joey’s apartment. This drawing will help add detail to your fantasy.

If you watched TV in the “Friends” decade, you’ll find it hard not to feel nostalgic when you check out the Friends floorplan.

Frasier and the family hang out in the apartment.

The super cool floorplan for Frasier’s luxury apartment

Frasier’s luxury apartment makes us want to go out and buy a leather couch.

Carrie wanders through her Sex and the City apartment

With the floorplan, we can pin point Carrie’s exact location in the apartment in the photo above.

The Sex and the City gals might have been known for their fashion, but the apartments were equally as impressive.

The boys of The Big Bang Theory hang out in their apartment

We bet the Big Bang Theory boys would love this floorplan

We love that Penny’s apartment is decorated with a pink bed spread in the floorplan above.

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