Want a chance to win $500?

If you answered “yes”, then you should definitely check out our Ideal Real Estate Day photo contest.

Being the real estate and development geeks that we are, we wanted to know what makes the perfect real estate day. And, what better way to find out than to to hold a contest?

Whether it’s time at the beach, a walk through a lush green park, or an awesome amenity, we want to know what makes your ideal real estate day. To enter the contest, all you have to do is post a photo on our Facebook Page with a caption. Whether you’ve newly “liked” the Page or your a long-time “fan”, everyone is eligible to enter!

But, you’d better hurry. The contest ends August 31st and there are only five days left to enter.

Here are some of the best entries so far:

A great entry from Tanya Crepulja: “The thoughtful gestures and amazing feedback from happy clients is what makes my ‘ideal real estate day’ :) There is nothing more fulfilling!”

A cultured entry from Chareyron Emilien: “My ideal Real Estate is the one which allow me to follow the painters, philosophers, novelists, lovers, poets, architects, artists, romantics who made the history of Paris. Which allow me to enjoy at anytime the magic of this city and going from surprise to surprise on the Seine river. And finally to feel the freedom to move out and back to better tame this wonderful city.”

This entry from Lindz Marsh is so good we can hardly “bear”it: “My ideal Real Estate Day is one that involves lush green surroundings populated by birds, the quiet trickle of a pond’s acrobatic sprinkler system, a short walk to public transit and bike paths, an organic grocer a stone’s throw away, and a neighbourhood that knows how to handle their garbage to keep bears at bay so we can enjoy them in the wild like this momma and her cub looking for grub off the 99 hwy north of Pemberton”

Jenna Em has big expectations with this entry: “My Ideal Real Estate Day begins when the MLS spits out for me a GTA 5-bedroom property close to a scenic pond, located on a quiet ravine, tucked away on a peaceful cul-de-sac, within walking distance to good schools, beside neighbours who mow their lawns, with cycle paths so I can bike to work, close to my favourite little Pizzaria, shopping, library and community centre…and drum roll…for less than $750K!”

Check out our Facebook Page for more information.

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