The Core Architects submission.

Harmony Village, the new waterfront resort village in Barrie, is making waves due to its receptiveness to public input on the architectural direction that the community will take.

On August 1, City Core Developments welcomed four big name architects to a seminar room in the Art Gallery of Ontario to show off and explain the virtues of their potential designs for Harmony Village. The official design selection will be announced in mid-September.

We’re not playing favourites or anything, but one of the four potential designs had to go up top. That’s the Core Architects submission. Below you’ll find renderings of designs by RAW, Hariri Pontarini, and Diamond Schmitt.

raw design

The RAW Design submission.


The Hariri Pontarini submission.


The Diamond Schmitt submission.

You can learn more about the very awesome voting process behind the final design choice in our first news article about Harmony Village. The public voting site will go live before before the end of August so stay tuned! It’s a great opportunity to have your say in Harmony Village‘s design.

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