Calgary residents lined the tracks on Saturday to celebrate the symbolic first run of the brand new Saddletowne Station.

While the line didn’t officially begin operating until Monday, the city hosted a block party to celebrate completion on the project.

The extension – which also includes a new station at Martindale – was approved in 2007 and will provide services to communities with a combined population of approximately 25,000 residents.

In an article in The Calgary Herald, the G.M. of transportation for the city Mac Logan said he expects that 9,000 to 10,0000 people will use the station within its first week of operation.

He anticipates this will result in roughly 365,000 fewer car trips downtown per year.

The Calgary Herald article reports that residents are genuinely happy about the new line. Not only will it improve transportation within the communities, it will also makes commuting downtown more convenient.

The new extension cost $133 million, but Alberta Transportation Minister Ric McIver said that “transportation’s expensive, but you can’t run a provincial  economy — you can’t support communities — unless people have the ability to get  between the places where they work or play. So the benefit’s  priceless.”

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