Vancouver has made a commitment to be “The Greenest City in the World” by 2020, and it’s exciting to see developers jump on board with the initiative.

BOSA Properties is launching the first ever private residential charging stations in Canada. BosaVolt, a high powered private Electric-Vehicle charging station for residential parking stalls, will help address the demand for residents to charge their electric vehicles. Even cooler? BOSA will be the first developer in Canada to include an EV station in all of their future projects.

Vice-President of BOSA Properties Daryl Simpson argues that there is a lack of charging stations in Vancouver, and that is is difficult to install a station after a building is built. This discourages  people from choosing greener alternatives.

Simpson says, “By building these charging stations, we hope to address one of the fundamental issues that people face when making the choice to invest in green alternatives – the accessibility and long-term maintenance implications of their choice.”

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