The North Shore is known for its stunning natural surroundings, but there can be downsides to living close to nature.

According to an article on CTV, Yoskyl Webb was chatting with a neighbour when she saw a black bear walk into her neigbour’s home through the open front door.

Once inside the home, the bear proceeded to rummage through the food pantry.

Web called 911. Police and conservation officers arrived on the scene; however, they were unable to catch the bear, who climbed out a window and escaped through the backyard.

That’s one crafty bear!

In its wake, the bear left a pile of mangled food. Despite being shaken, neighbours sympathize with the bear.

In the article, Webb said, “It smells the smells of food and wants to walk in. It’s not actually invading; it’s just trying to survive like we all are. You really can’t blame the bear for  walking into an open door.”

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