After the collapse of the original Australia House in Japan, a disaster recovery project was initiated. The result is the new Australia House, a triangular building which can be used as a refuge during future disasters.

The original Australia House was a 100 year old Japanese farmhouse that collapsed during a powerful aftershock in March 2011. According to Arch Daily, the new Australia House, designed by Andrew Burns Architect, “conveys an institutional quality, although it also has the ambiguous presence of a rural structure and an art object.”

Built in less than a year, Australia House required hard work from The Australian Embassy, Tokyo, and the local contractors, Iizuka Constructions and Onojeima Constructions.

The result is a triangular building with simple, clear, geometry that shuts down excessive architectural authorship.

According to Adao Ando, the chairman of the design committee,  “I find the approach to the house attractive and different elements well arranged.” He also noted that “it is difficult to form a triangle. However, it could create interesting architecture since it is difficult.”

Check out some of the pictures of this unique disaster recovery project courtesy of Brett Boardman and Andrew Burns Architect below:

A peek inside the Australia House, which is now being used as a gallery.

One edge of the triangle shaped Australia House

The Australia House has sharp clean lines.


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