36 hazelton

A massive flatbed truck navigated the narrow streets of Yorkville to deliver a collection of engineered steel columns to Alterra‘s 36Hazelton job site. The custom designed columns are there to aid in the construction of the 18 unit luxury townhome development.

It’s always exciting to catch the construction crew in action while they’re assembling something that will help the progress of the project so much. It’s also very cool that all this was taking place in Yorkville where you’d need incredible driving skills to maneuvre a truck even half the size of the one the crew was using. Kudos to the driver! Check out the pics below…

Wide load approaching!

If the enormous flatbed standing in their way wasn’t enough of a clue to approaching motorists, the sign definitely stopped them in their tracks.

And up we go…

The guys standing beside the column give you a pretty good impression of the size. Each column stands at 30 feet when upright.

All in a day’s work.

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