Today’s story puts a whole new spin on the phrase “going green”.

In Spain, Capella Garcia Arquitectura put a 21-meter garden on the side of a residential building.

According to Inhabitat, “when an adjacent building was demolished, a stark blank wall was left behind – so the designers completely transformed this eyesore with a freestanding  21-meter-tall galvanized steel structure adorned with lush green plants.” The result is an impressive vertical garden.

The steel components were put together and configured into a stack of gardens and each level has space for benches and planters.

There are a series of internal staircases that connect the ground and top floors and a pulley system which makes circulating materials up and down the scaffolding simple. There is also an automated drip irrigation system which keeps track of the garden’s water consumption.

Not only does this super cool vertical garden add vibrancy to the neighbourhood, it’s also a great example of how developers can “go green”.

We give this garden two “green thumbs” up!

Check out the cool pictures below:

A close-up of the lush vertical garden

The steel structures supporting the vegetation


The garden adds vibrancy to the street



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