It has been the week of anonymous donors in Vancouver.

Just yesterday we told you about an anonymous couple who has donated $30 million toward a house for the homeless, and today another donor who wishes to remain nameless has made an offer to the city.

This offer would help The Vancouver Parks Board to complete a gap in the seawall between Jericho and Kits beach. The connecting walkway would be about 2.5 kilometers long.

Though many residents like the idea and Mayor Gregor Robertson has lent his support to the concept, it isn’t a straightforward process. Connecting the two beaches via seawall may require altering the shoreline in front of some of Vancouver’s most expensive real estate.

In an article in The Vancouver Sun park board chairwoman Sarah Blyth said the project would go through a public consultation process. She said, “The first part is speaking to the community [in the proposed seawall area] and  the people of Vancouver because we can’t do anything without knowing if that’s  what they want.”

If the sea wall extension goes through, it would create a continuous seawall that stretches from Point Grey to False Creek and Stanley Park.

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