Sometimes, being number one isn’t a good thing.

TomTom released its first Congestion Index. The index was created by using TomTom’s travel database and real-time traffic information technology, allowing the company to determine congestion levels on highways and non-highways across North America.

The index compares travel time during peak hours with travel times during free flow, or non-congested, hours.

According to the index, Vancouver is Canada’s most congested city and the second most congested city in North America. Who was number 1? That title went to Los Angeles.

Vancouver’s congestion level is at 30 per cent. It also has some of the worst morning and evening peaks. Vancouver’s peak morning congestion is 51 per cent. This is only 5 per cent lower than L.A’s 56 per cent peak morning congestion.

In a press release, Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom, said that, “Over the years, with the help of our customers, we have built the largest and most accurate database of travel times in the world. When we combine this travel database with our detailed real-time traffic information and routing technology, we can pinpoint congestion.”

While being able to pinpoint congestion is a good thing, Vancouverties probably aren’t too pleased their city ranks so high on TomTom’s index!

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