A view of The Residences at RCMI from the east side of University Ave.

Construction is moving along smoothly at the Residences at RCMI, a new development on University Avenue by Tribute Communities. The new skyscraper is now 8 storeys tall and soon will be adding a new floor every four to five days. Once this rotation begins, construction will pick up markedly, especially with the use of a concrete pump.

Instead of craning large bins of concrete into the sky, the concrete is transported up to the top of the building using a gigantic pump. While this can be costly due to the fact that some concrete remains in the pipe, it is also a huge time and labour saver. We took a construction tour with Site Supervisor Aaron Cooper and snapped some cool photographs of this work in progress. Check them out…

A view of RCMI from the back at Simcoe Ave.

The concrete pump.

The giant nozzle on the roof that the concrete pump feeds.

Workers get ready to lay some rebar (reinforcing bar) before pouring the 8th floor. We can’t wait to see the view from the 42nd!

There is literally miles of electrical conduit to lay before concrete can be poured.

Here you can almost see how much rebar goes into one floor.

We tried to get up onto that white crane for some cooler shots but we didn’t have the appropriate safety gear. Apparently the crane operator also had a bit of a cold which we didn’t want to catch and spread around our office!

Well, that’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new project!

For more information on the Residences at RCMI please contact the sales centre by phone at 416 363 4800 or by email at rcmi@tributecommunities.com.

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