the station model

With construction beginning on The Station, the project’s beloved sales centre could no longer be accommodated in its original location.

It didn’t have to move far though. The new location is adjacent to the job site in a neatly put together trailer. Brandy Lane Homes ensured the scale model made it over safely and the interior design team has re-assembled the model suite for your viewing pleasure.

We paid the new sales centre a visit and snapped some photos which you can check out below. And, if you want to see it for yourself, head up to Tippett Road, just south of Wilson Avenue.

the station sales centre

It’s a little smaller than the old sales centre, but just as effective.

The Station kitchen

The model kitchen. Kitchens feature European-style kitchen cabinetry and granite counter tops.

the station dining

The dining area. Lukas Design Interiors handled the suite design at The Station.

the station living

The living space looking into the kitchen.

the station living2

Beyond the living space you’ll see the balcony. Each suite features a loggia, sun terrace, balcony or French balcony.

For more info call the sales centre at 416 398 9777, email or visit the development’s website.

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