Can new technology make you nostalgic? We bet a new app called Vancouver Then and Now can.

Marketed by MaVilleAvant, a French company, the app allows Vancouverites on Androids and iPhones to see buildings how they are today and how they were in in the past.

In an article in The Vancouver Province, Jeremy Hood says that he’s spent more than a year researching material for the app. Currently, there are 150 then-and-now pictures available through the app, but Hood says, “it’s a work in progress. We will be adding to it regularly.”

The app is already available in 16 other cities, but Hood says that Vancouver’s rich history and big supply of photos makes it work particularly well in the city. While some areas of the city, such as the Granville Strip, look signficantly different, other areas, like the Downtown Eastside, have seen little change. Hood notes that, “a lot has remained intact on the Downtown Eastside because of the slow redevelopment.”

What a neat way to trace a city’s history!

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