How would you like to save $200,000?

Well, that’s exactly what  Trapp and Holbrook by The Salient Group is offering. No, it isn’t a promotion. It’s simple math.

The folks at Trapp and Holbrook have crunched some numbers, and they argue that it costs $750/square foot to live in Vancouver but only $460/square foot to live in New Westminster. So, if you’re willing to to take a 26 minute SkyTrain ride, you could save up to $200,000 on a home at Trapp and Holbrook compared to a similar space in downtown Vancouver.

Not only does Trapp and Holbrook offer affordability, it also provides an awesome location. Close to a host of shops and services including Subway, Landmark Cinemas, and the future Civic Office Building, residents have everything they need right outside their door step.

The great location, affordable prices, and the building’s unique character make Trapp and Holbrook a project worth watching.

For more info email, or visit their website.

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