red hook brooklyn Move over Williamsburg and back off Bushwick! Red Hook has been tipped as the new hip retreat and artist enclave for those who want to escape high rental and purchase prices in Manhattan.

So what does this former shipping port and industrial district have to offer? According to the Wall Street Journal, Red Hook’s “burgeoning art scene” and “shopping and culinary outposts that dot the waterfront community” have more New Yorkers moving to the area.

The Wall Street Journal isn’t exactly known to be a reliable source on the relative hipness of a neighbourhood, but with their article on Red Hook, we’re just about sold on the area’s “old Brooklyn” charm.

Demarcated by the water and the Gowanus Expressway, Red Hook isn’t sprawling, but its attractions are concentrated and high quality. And, as noted in the WSJ article, the the area retains a grittiness that some residents wouldn’t want to see vanish anytime soon.

Is Red Hook a potential hub for new development? It’s not looking that way quite yet, but it’s certainly within the realm of possibility. One drawback is it’s lack of accessibility on the subway. But this hasn’t stopped builders from eyeing the area…

Manzione Red Hook is one new construction co-op that’s sprung up in the heart of the neighbourhood. Court Street in Carroll Gardens is near the edge of Red Hook while several other new developments (Sackett Union, 75 Columbia) are inching closer to the Gowanus Expressway.

For more testimonials on Red Hook’s authenticity and charm, check out the Wall Street Journal article here.

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