Want to take a look at some of the cool ideas Vancouverites are coming up with to address affordable housing? Then, you should definitely check out re: Think Housing’s Open Idea’s Competition.

The competition is being held by the City of Vancouver. The city made a general call to the public to generate ideas on how to approach affordable housing in Vancouver. The competition covers both private and public land. Participants could submit solutions in two categories.

The first is “building bold” which is looking for “innovative ideas for creating large amounts of affordable housing in Vancouver” and the second is “vibrant neighbourhoods” which “aims to generate ideas and concepts that create flexible affordable housing options at a neighbourhood level that are on a smaller scale than the other competition category.”

The submissions range from tongue in cheek commentary with CUBE which “puts you at the forefront of the micro-real estate revolution”  to serious affordable housing solutions like increasing the number of transit oriented design projects in the city.

Whether the solutions are practical or not, it’s interesting to see what people have come up with. Not only that, but healthy debates and interesting ideas are being tossed around in the comments sections.

To vote for your favourite and be part of the “people’s choice” awards jury, head over to the City of Vancouver website. But, don’t dawdle. The contest ends July 19th, 2012.

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