Have you ever wished you could walk onto your balcony and take a swim?

We hadn’t either. Until, we saw the renderings for Parinee Ism, a 140 meter tall residential tower in Mumbai, India. The tower is designed by architect James Law and it strives to put a glass pool on every balcony.

On the James Law Cybertecture Website, Law says that the tower was “inspired by the ripple effect generated by water droplets, which is also known as the capillary wave.” The tower’s outline is supposed to demonstrate the fluidity of the ripple.

But, the real draw to this luxury residence is the glass pool on every balcony.

We can’t decided whether we think glass pool balconies are cool or completely terrifying.

Decide for yourself by checking out the pictures below:

This stunning rendering give us an idea of Parinee Ism’s silhouette at night


The outline of this building is inspired by a water droplet’s ripple.


A closer look at the glass pool balconies


The middle of the building is inspired by “the vortex-like void” created by water droplets

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