With the 2012 Olympics fast approaching, all eyes are turning to London. Most people are interested in the athletes, but it’s the buildings that are catching our eyes.

And, while the recyclable basketball stadium isn’t exactly real estate, it’s so cool that it just had to be shared.

Built from 1,000 tons of steel, the stadium is designed to be be a temporary structure that is mobile and comparatively lightweight. According to inHabitat, the building will have its fifteen minutes of fame in a few weeks and then be deconstructed and shipped elsewhere. In other words, the basketball stadium is recyclable.

How neat is that?

According to Architizer, Dennis Hone, the Chief Executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), said that he hopes buildings like the basketball stadium will make hosting the Olympics a viable option for more countries.

“It makes a lot of sense, especially if you want to take the Games beyond the richest cities in the world. To do that, you’ve got to bring the costs down,” he explained.

Check out some of the cool pics of the stadium below:

An aerial view of the recyclable basketball stadium

A look inside the stadium

London’s 2012 Olympic basketball stadium will be deconstructed and shipped elsewhere after the Games


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