More fiscal proof that New York is the greatest city in the US: it boasts a gross metro product of $1.287 trillion, higher than any other domestic metropolitan area.

New York ranked #14 in the The Wall Street Journal‘s compilation of top economies in the world, comparing gross domestic products of nations alongside the gross metro products of the 50 biggest US cities.

The US dominated the list at $15.094 trillion, followed by China ($7.299 trillion), Japan ($5.869 trillion), Germany ($3.569 trillion) and France ($2.774 trillion).

The next largest US city economy is the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana region, ranked at #20 with a GMP of $755 billion. Chicago (#23), Washington D.C. (#31), Houston (#32) and Dallas-Fort Worth (#35) areas rounded out the rest of the top six US metro economies.

You can view the full list here, but keep in mind that GMP and GDP don’t tell the whole story; after all, Hong Kong ranks a measly #51, but it’s the third-most-beloved city of the super-rich, and it crushes New York when it comes to commercial real estate prices.

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