When it comes to summertime promos, the folks at Lifetime and CentreCourt are about to hit one out of the park.

The two developers’ INDX project has been glowing red hot in Toronto’s downtown core all summer. Now they’re about to embark on a promotion aimed at cooling everyone down.

Every morning in August that the heat in Toronto is forecasted to reach above 30 degrees, frozen treats and ice cream bars will be handed out for free inside the INDX sales centre. 

Everyone knows that it can get uber-hot in Toronto’s Financial District (the home of INDX) so this sounds like the perfect way to beat the downtown heat. The promotion, cleverly titled “Heat INDX”, kicks off on August 1st. Announcements will be made each day that the promotion runs. Head over to the INDX sales centre at 70 Temperance after 12pm on a day that the mercury rises above 30 degrees to claim your frozen treat.

No definite word yet on what kinds of treats will be handed out. We’re hoping for Itzakadoozies and Klondikes but really, any popsicle or ice cream treat will do!

Learn more about INDX by visiting our project page!

Prices at INDX start from the mid $200,000s. Click here to visit the official site or call 416 987 4639 for more info.

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