Believe it or not, this lantern-esque home designed by Yasushiro Yamashita wasn’t inspired by light; it was born out of necessity.

The home is situated on an extremely narrow lot. According to inHabitat “the architects were challenged to make the shelter feel open and airy while  keeping it from becoming visually cramped. Mr.Yamashiita’s solution was to use  flexible walls that provide copious amounts of daylight, framing the house like  a paper lantern. The translucent walls give the entire house a warm glow.”

The result is a home that provides only 60 square meters of living space, but includes a kitchen and bath, living area, and sleeping loft. Light can only enter from the ceiling, so the house looks like a Japanese lantern.

There might not be a lot of room to live, but what this home lacks in space it more than makes up for in beauty.

Check out some of the awesome pics below:

Lucky Drops is situated on a long, but extremely narrow lot

According to inHabitat “even the floors are perforated to allow light to penetrate and to preserve the home’s sense of space.”

The front of the house is only three and a half meters wide


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