If you value your privacy, then “Life in Spiral” is not the home for you.

Challenging the boundaries of public and private space, this home not only features an open glass facade, it also includes a stunning spiral staircase.

On Arch Daily, Hideaki Takayanagi speaks eloquently about the inspiration for the home: “The main concept is “A Spiral Porch in Tokyo” – challenging to open (or close) the privacy to urban environment.

The “Porch” was essential to traditional Japanese house, therefore it is one of the most nostalgic space for all. Recently in Tokyo(JPN), lands for build some architecture are very expensive. And therefore that made us give up to create the “porch”.”

He goes on to say, “We decided to create the brand-new Engawa. Very narrow site forced to form 3-dimensional (spiral shaped) engawa structure. But this was a nice idea to create engawa outside of this ribbon. The ribbon makes shade and shadow in inside and outside.”

The result is an eye catching spiral staircase which creates perimeter rooms along the glazed facade and provides shade throughout the interior.

The home includes stackable vertical shutters which allow residents to choose between transparent windows or screened walls.

Check out the awesome pics below courtesy of  Takumi Ota:

Even from a distance, the spiraling staircase is stunning

An inside glimpse at “Life in Spiral”


If residents want privacy, they can’t forget to close the blinds at night.

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