When we think “chain mail”, the first image that comes to mind is a medieval-era warrior carrying a sword.

But, apparently chain mail can also be used as material for modern architecture.

The Kukje Gallery in Seoul by SO-IL is draped from head to toe in chain mail. According to an article on Yahoo Real Estate, “The clients wanted a blocky, windowless, modernist, concrete gallery space. However, it became clear that design would clash — starkly — with the older buildings and condensed nature of the neighborhood surrounding it.”

The solution? Cover the cement in chain mail. This no only blurs the building’s lines, but the chain mail can also withstand heavy rain and winter snow.

The intricate design required 520,000 hand-welded stainless steel rings. The only thing the gallery is missing is a sword.

Check out some pictures of the Kukje Gallery below:

The Kukje gallery is a center piece of the neighbourhood

The Kukje Gallery’s chain mail exterior makes it ready for battle.

Even the stairs are draped in chain mail

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