If you love heritage homes, this story is sure to warm your heart.

According to The Vancouver Sun, a heritage house on West 37th in Vancouver, was put on a transport truck and rolled through the streets of Dunbar. The house will be put on a barge and transported to Union Bay on Vancouver Island.

The move effectively saved the house from being demolished.

In The Vancouver Sun article, Guy Taylor of Averra Developments said that “When we said we were going to build a new house on the site, everyone asked if  we were really knocking [the old one] down. We said we’d rather  not, but to make money in the development world, you have to build a new home.”

Lucky for Taylor, Nickel Brothers was able to find Ben and Jen Ford, professional renovators looking to purchase a home for their family. And, Nickel Brothers sold the family the house for the cost of the move, an estimated $130,000.

Moving the house took a small army of crews, including workers from BC Hydro, Telus, and Nickel Brothers moving company.

Built in 1915, the house is one of the first in the neighbourhood to be constructed from pine.

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