“Garment District” is so last season.

At least, that’s what the neighborhood’s business association thinks.

Barbara Blair Randall, executive director of the Fashion Center Business Improvement District, asked marketing and branding firms to come up with a new name for the area between 35th and 41st streets and Sixth and Ninth avenues.

The historict district, which has roughly 4.5 million square feet of office space, used to be the global heart of fashion design and manufacturing, but has largely moved on from its apparel-making roots. Most of the production jobs have shifted overseas, and even the fashion houses have packed up for trendier neighborhoods such as SoHo, Chelsea and the Meatpacking District.

The Garment District needs a name that better represents the online media companies and architecture firms that have moved in, Randall told The Wall Street Journal.

“The neighborhood has been changing for 60 years,” she said, adding that the area needs to reposition itself as a “fabulous Midtown location, two regional transportation hubs in Penn Station and the Port Authority, and wonderful space that is adaptable to almost any business.”

The branding proposals were due last week. Randall said the Fashion Center Business Improvement District will “take some time to consider what’s been submitted.”

Architects and startups? Hard to find catchy common ground. Perhaps the area should be christened “Warby Parker District” — but alas, even the vintage-y, designer-beloved eyewear startup has nestled its headquarters in SoHo.

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