post house construction

Big news arrived today from the Post House construction site! The crew is almost at finish grade with excavation and work is moving along as smoothly as ever. At this pace we’ll be seeing the 21 storey building rise above George Street (near Richmond and Jarvis) in no time.

The Alterra team sent us some great snaps from the job site that you should definitely check out below — especially if you enjoy watching huge machines moving tons of rock.

post house construction 2

One machine is breaking up shale while the other excavates. Teamwork!

post house construction 3

All that rock has to go somewhere…

post house construction 4

Great angle! This really gives you a sense of the scope of the site size required to house a 21 storey building.

post house construction

More construction updates will be on the way soon from the Post House team!

For more info, click over to the Post House website or call the sales centre at 416 964 2777.

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