If you’ve had the chance to visit downtown Surrey lately, you’ll have noticed the changes which are taking place.

According to an article in The Vancouver Province, more than $2 billion in developments are taking shape within a space of six square kilometers. $1.1 billion of the money is going toward more than 9,500 new homes which are either planned or are under construction

Not only that, but construction on the tallest tower in Surrey, Civic Plaza 3, is set to start next year.

For long time Surrey-dwellers, the changes are significant. But, the Mayor of Surrey Dianna Watts says that the growth hasn’t happened over night, “This was purposefully done. We began as  a farming community and became a residential suburb of Vancouver. Now we have a  half a million people and we’re changing again.”

According to The Vancouver Province, Surrey’s population is 480,000 and growing. The city is home for 4.200 babies and over 100,000 kids.

Sounds to us like Surrey is a city to watch in the coming years.

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